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The vertical turbine is a truly innovative solution for wind generated power. This model turbine is manufactured in Ireland and specifically designed for the Irish market. The vertical design overcomes the inherent problems with traditional horizontal axis wind turbines and offers improved performance, mounting and siting flexibility, delivering significant value in the area of micro-generation. Approved for ESB grid connection The manufacturers patented modular design combines the most up-to-date materials, wind turbine aerodynamics, and power conversion technology.

The turbine is applicable for both domestic and small commercial applications and is one of only 2 systems in Ireland that are currently approved by ESB for grid connection. The patented modular design combines the most up-to date materials, wind turbine aerodynamics, and power conversion technology. Environmentally friendly Easy to install Smart inverter unit Overspeed protection Especially designed for the Irish market A site survey is essential to determine suitability and location of the turbine.
A survey fee of 295 is applicable and will also cover a full wind map of your location. The survey fee will be deducted from the purchase price or refunded in the case that the ESB refuses grid connection.


Size: 3.6kW
Start up wind speed: 3m/s
Shut down speed: 50m/s gusting to 70 m/s hurricane level 2
Noise: <40dbA two people talking
Blades: 2.5m long / swept area 6.25m2
Inverter: Power One Aurora
Mast: hydraulic hinged base, galvanised powder coated
Hub height: 10m
Foundations: 2m wide x 2m long x 2.5m deep (40n)
Life expectancy: 20+ years
Service: Annual visual inspection, 5 year physical check

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