Sewage treatment plant operate by providing an environment in which aerobic bacteria are cultured. These bacteria survive by using biological matter in the sewage as a food source. To provide optimum treatment, the bacteria need free access to oxygen and immersion in the sewage effluent. The majority of package plant work by providing a fixed medium that the bacteria adhere to, and a means of interfacing this with regular supplies of oxygen and biological material. Properly designed and maintained they can remove greater than 90% of the biological pollutants present in sewage.

No nauseaous smells or pollution to offend neighbours
Actively treats sewage before safely discharging it
Removes all solids and pollutants
Prevents pollution by treating within the system
Complies with environmental regulations
Improves resale value of your property

On the other hand, the traditional septic tank process relies on sewage solids being settled in the tank and anaerobic bacteria culturing in the settled sludge providing a degree of treatment. Further treatment is carried out in biological treatment fields with the settled effluent being exposed to naturally occurring bacteria in the subsoil. However, the use of modern domestic chemicals has largely eliminated any bacteriological activity in septic tanks or irrigation fields and today they only provide primary settlement of sewage with little, if any, improvement in effluent quality. Stricter guidelines on the design of percolation areas will mean that even fewer successful septic tank installations are likely in the future.

Glenview Heating offer a range of treatment tank solutions:

Klargester Airflow Features:

• Below ground installation
• Ideal for individual houses, small developments or small office environment
• No mechanical or electrical components
• Quiet in operation
• Low running costs
• Hydraulic surge control


Subject to the relevant authorities consent, the plant discharge can be a water course or to a designed infiltration system, provided the soil
percolation test is satisfactory, to a ground soakaway.


• Integral Pumpsets - for lifting treated effluent
to a level where discharge cannot be by gravity

• Separate Sample Chambers - for accurate and
convenient effluent sampling, as required by the
relevant authorities.

KEE Process NuDisc® Treatment System

Carbonaceous, Nitrification and Nutrient Removing RangeNuDisc® installations are compact, unobtrusive and virtually silent in operation. The NuDisc® offers a reliable, cost effective and low maintenance solution for wastewater treatment for sites not connected to mains drainage. The whole plant is contained in a Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) tank, designed to a structural code for partial installation in the ground, with only the cover showing.

General Features

The KEE Process NuDisc® is a totally self-contained, covered, single piece packaged treatment system. Introduced to provide BOD removal, nitrification andnutrient removal.


The NuDisc® includes primary settlement stage, sludge storage, organic and hydraulic balancing through anoxic stage RBC, aerobic stage RBC and final settlement for removal of biological solids. This is all housed in a single tank.
The KEE Process size range is designed to serve flows from a single house through to small groups of houses, Public Houses, Restaurants, Filling Stations,
Industrial premises, Hotels, Guest Houses, Schools, Training Centres,
Leisure Complexes, Caravan and Camping Sites, Theme Parks, Holiday Homes etc.

A suitable plant can be selected to achieve the specified quality of final effluent which can include only BOD removal or can also include nitrification, denitrification or phosphorus removal or a combination of all these. NuDisc®
is a compact nutrient removing packaged plant.

Up-to-date technology

The NuDisc® System also helps to reduce the inhibitory effects of
household chemicals, for example detergents and cleaning chemicals
on the biological process. This unrivalled process stability of the
NuDisc® system for small flows, is an assurance for maintaining constant effluent quality in spite of variations in plant usage and flow rates during the day. The diurnal peaks in the flow regime for domestic households are
evened out in the anoxic RBC stage prior to the aerobic stage
RBC and the final clarifier.

Glenview Heating will commission a treatment solution for your needs and install to the highest standards.

Glenview Heating recommends for treatment tank installations


  • Klargester AirFlow Single Home
  • Nu Disc Single Home













Nu Disc


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