A 70% of hot water needs from the sun when averaged over the year, a correctly sized solar system can provide up to 70% of a home's hot water needs at almost no cost to the home owner.

Solar power is available all year round; it even works on hazy and overcast days.

The chart indicates the average level of sunlight in W per square metre. Glenview Heating offers various high-quality solar solutions which are one of the most cost-effective options in Ireland.


  • Solar Tubes
  • Solar Tubes
  • Solar Panels
  • Stainless Steel Pipes

Solar heating involves the direct conversion of light into heat. A solar heating system normally consists of a solar collector, a controller unit with pump and a well-insulated hot water tank.

The solar collector, or solar panel, converts the sunlight it receives into heat. This heat is generated through the absorption of the sun's rays by a dark colour-coated absorber, which is connected to a piping system. The heat transfer fluid in the piping system absorbs the heat and is pumped to the hot water tank, where the heat is transferred to the water by a heat exchanger.

Even though almost every roof type is suitable, the inclination and direction are very important. Pure south-facing and an inclination of 40º are ideal and will achieve optimal performance of your solar product.

The direction can be from East to West but after pure South Southeast or Southwest are preferred. Both panels and tubes can be mounted at an angle between 20º and 90º

How much do I save?
Glenview Heating is able to produce an annual solar simulation that calculates how much energy is produced by your solar system and how much fuel you can save by installing this system.

To see how much you can save by switching to solar panels, please download our Sample simulation calculation from the download section to the right of this page

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