Hot Tub

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AnHuai Hot Tub Model: AS-2210-OCT


You can choose the colour; they are usually the basic blue or green with mixed pattern as per catalogue or any basic solid colour (not recommended).
We also have the basic grey or black with granite pattern. I usually recommend grey with granite pattern or blue with mixed pattern (or green with mixed pattern) as per catalogue.

Hot Tub


2210 X 2210 X 960mm Capacity: 6 persons Specifications:
Shell: Imported acrylic made by ICI Colour: Solid Blue
Total Jets 71 (large: 22; small:49)
Spa Light 1 (7 type of colour)
Air jets 12
2 HP pump
2 1 HP pump
1 Air pump
700 watts 1 Heater 1.5Kw
1 Cartridge Filter
1 Ozone
1 Pillows
4 Digital Control System
1 Included: Spa Cover
Wooden Step Ladder Wooden skirt

Glenview Heating will commission a hot tub solution for your needs and install to the highest standards.



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