Solar Tubes:

• Life time guarantee on frame
• 10 year guarantee on tubes
• SEI approved product
• Built-in overheating protection
• Efficient U-tube for rapid heat transfer
• Corrosion resistant
• Durable and easy to install
• Powder coated aluminium manifold
• Powder coated aluminium frame
• Low maintenance
• Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial projects
• Surface mounted on the roof Mounted on faηades or on the ground
• Includes installation kit:
• Solar controller & sensors
• Expansion vessel
• Set of fittings
• Roof brackets
• Insulated stainless steel pipe to connect collectors (2x I metre tails)

70% of hot water needs FREE

A versatile, highly-efficient, low-maintenance solution to your solar hot water needs. 70% of hot water needs FREE from the sun.

When averaged over the year a correctly sized solar water heating system can provide up to 70% of a household’s hot water needs at almost no cost to the home owner.

How Solar Tubes work

The solar collector relies on the solar radiation from the sun hitting the absorber in the solar tube collector and generating heat. The temperature of the solar collector is not dependant on the temperature of the air but on the intensity of the sunlight. The level of cloud cover or shading from buildings or trees will reduce the amount of this solar radiation hitting the collector thus providing lower hot water temperatures than that of a clear day.

When the temperature of the collector reaches a set number of degrees hotter than the temperature at the bottom of the hot water cylinder, the controller turns on the pump (main pump green light flashes) which pumps the solar fluid to the hot water cylinder transferring the heat energy to the hot water cylinder.


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