Solar Tubes

• Life time guarantee on frame
• 10 year guarantee on tubes
• SEI approved product
• Built-in overheating protection
• Copper pipe for rapid heat transfer
• Corrosion resistant
• Durable and easy to install
• Anodised aluminium manifold
• Anodised aluminium frame
• Low maintenance
• Surface mounted on the roof
• Mounted on façades or on the ground
• Includes installation kit:
• Solar controller & sensors
• Expansion vessel
• Set of fittings
• Roof brackets
• Insulated stainless steel pipe to connect collectors (2x I metre tails)

70% of hot water needs FREE A versatile, highly-efficient, low-maintenance solution to your solar hot water needs. 70% of hot water needs FREE from the sun. When averaged over the year a correctly sized solar water heating system can provide up to 70% of a household’s hot water needs at almost no cost to the home owner.


• CE-mark ISO 9001-2000
• EN 12975-2
• Tubes are approved by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) registered product no. SEI-ST-87

How Solar Tubes work Greenline Solar Tubes Technical Data Product Aperture area (m2): 1.71 m2 Product model: AKT Gross surface area (m2): 2.91 m2 Model number: 18 Rated heat output: 1.173 kW Collector type: tubes Estimated energy yield: 796 kWh Typical Installation Set-up Number of people living in the house Recommended cylinder size Number of tubes installed Gross width Gross height Aperture area 2-3 200 Litre 36 3.19m 1.99m 3.42 m2 4-5 300 Litre 54 4.79m 1.99m 5.13 m2

NOTE: This table was produced on the following assumptions: Solar tubes installed on South Facing roof, roof slope 40-45 °degrees, hot water consumption in family houses of 50 litres per person per day. According to SEI requirements cylinder volume must be at least 50 litres per 1m2 of collector size.

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