IVT Greenline Liquid-to-Water Heat Pumps

  • Delivers hot water of up to 65 C.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Modern design - compact unit
  • Domestic and commercial use
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 12 output sizes from 6-65kW
  • Built-in weather compensation
  • Can interface with other fuel types
  • Built-in water tank and control unit (Greenline C model)
  • Soft starter longer compressor life
  • SEI registered product

The IVT Greenline HT Plus geothermal heat pumps is the high-end range of leading manufacturer IVT and is available in different output sizes to suit small houses but also the larger properties and commercial buildings. This is a total solution for both heating and domestic hot water and can be co-ordinated with an existing oil, electric or pellet-fired boiler. Dimensions IVT Greenline C WxDxH - 600x600x1800mm Dimensions IVT Greenline E WxDxH - 600x600x1520mm


For more than 30 years IVT has been developing, manufacturing and selling heat pumps and is one of the leading heat pump producers in Europe who are totally focused on heat pump technology.

1. As the heat transfer medium (water/glycol) circulates in a high density collector pipe, it is heated by the soil (horizontal collector) or borehole (vertical collector).

2. The liquid heats the refrigerant, which evaporates.

3. The refrigerant is then compressed in the compressor, causing the temperature to rise.

4. The heat is transferred to the heating and domestic hot water system.

5. The pressure of the refrigerant is lowered in an expansion valve and it returns to liquid form. The liquid refrigerant returns to the evaporator.

The Heart of the System
Exclusive Revolutionary Technology

The IVT Greenline HT Plus has the unique, award-winning scroll compressor from Mitsubishi Electric which is specially designed for heat pump operation.With the new scroll compressor the IVT Greenline HT Plus can produce water at a temperature of 65ºC, which means that there is hotter water for the radiators and 45% more domestic hotwater available. The hotter water supply to the radiators means that the IVT Greenline HT Plus is the perfect solution when a boiler with radiators designed for higher temperatures needs to be replaced.

The high temperatures can be produced without the need for expensive peak electric heating. The new technology and the high precision of the new scroll compressor means that its noise level is 3dB lower than equivalent compressors.The heat pump design has a total of 31 patents which helps to ensure that the compressor is protected. No other company can manufacture and sell compressors using this technology.

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The IVT Greenline HT Plus



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