Fantastic Free Fuel Savings of up to 70% possible

The sun is an energy source and its heat is stored in the earth. It is this stored heat that is converted by our heat pumps into heating and hot water for your home.

Part of the heat from the earth is fed into the heat pump through a heat-transfer medium and converted into higher temperatures for your heating. The heat pump produces far more energy than it consumes. For every kilowatt-hour purchased you receive a free contribution from nature comprising a further three to five thermal kilowatt hours, which are available as heating capacity.

Surface Ground Heat

This option utilises the solar energy stored at about one metre in depth. A series of plastic pipe is buried filled with a non-toxic liquid that warms up a few degrees by the surrounding ground. Compression of the liquid in the heat pump raises the temperature and the heat is then used for heating and domestic hot water. A plot of about 250-400 square metres is normally required.

Ground Water Heat

If you have a borehole well with a good flow of groundwater, it can be your new source of heat. A pump moves water to the heat exchanger in the heat pump. This produces heat for radiators and hot water. You can also bore a new well for groundwater heat.
As well as obtaining a reliable supply of heat at a very low operating cost, you can also get water for your lawns and reduce your water consumption. The amount of work to be done in your garden is small.

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Ground Surface Heat


Ground Water Heat

Ground Water Heat

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