For years Glenview has pioneered the correct and widespread use of Water Treatment to promote best practice in the Heating and Plumbing industry.
Its range of traditional and renewable technology products are developed and formulated to the highest standard of quality with environmental formulations, reliability, ease of use and technical expertise synonymous with the Glenview brand.

Glenview is a name Installers can rely upon. Part L Building Regulations reinforced the importance of water treatment in maintaining the overall Energy Efficiency of a system. The minimum provisions for system preparation and water treatment to comply with Part L are to Clean, Flush and Inhibit a system:


Cleaning involves the use of a cleaning chemical for heavily sludged systems, Powerflushing. A system suffering specifically with limescale problems, Glenview System Cleaner has the ideal product.


Powerflushing is the most efficient and fastest method of cleaning as it creates a powerful fresh water flow under controlled conditions to remove debris from the entire system. Glenview has a robust, powerful acid proof machine with 85C operating temperature for faster cleaning. It reduces the time spent on site to flush a system.


Inhibitor should be added to the system water during the final filling to offer protection against corrosion, scale and sludge. Glenview uses a Protector that is formulated to protect against corrosion and scale and are independently proven to work effectively.

  • Chemical Cleansing


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