Even the cleanest house is home to millions of dustmites Mostly these stay in the carpets, bedding and upholstery. But as soon as you vacuum with a portable, they’re disturbed and breathed in, triggering allergic reactions which set off asthma, hay fever and eczema. A central vacuum takes dirt and dust from your house to a remote container away from the living area’s. Exhausted air from the power unit can be vented outside to ensure that there is no way fine dust can be re-circulated in your home.

  • No noise or smells
  • No re-circulated dust
  • Timesaving, due to it’s light-weight and powerful design
  • Versatile, with a large range of attachments and tools
  • More powerful, due to commercial strength motors
  • More durable – no dragging, pushing or puling of vacuum unit

Powerful but energy efficient

Being a remote dedicated power unit we can have larger, more robust vacuum motors that use no more electricity than the smaller variety and yet produce more suction and air flow resulting in greater cleaning power.





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