Water Booster Pump & Potable Water Tank

This maintenance free booster pump is the ultimate solution for proper water
pressurisation. Water in the potable tank is good for human consumption for 28 days. The pump is suitable for domestic and small commercial applications and is supplied completely assembled and features an extensive diagnostic system. It automatically starts as water is required, maintaining constant pressure during delivery.

• Compact unit
• Domestic and light-commercial
• No fluctuations in water pressure
• Energy efficient
• “Plug & Play” design
• Build-in diagnostic and safety features
• Horizontal, multiphase, centrifugal pump
• Electronic regulation for changing speed
• Built-in pressure sensor
• No noise
• No tank in attic required
• No flooding risk from gravity fed system

500 and 800 litre models are in stock. Other sizes varying from 100 to 2,000 litre are available on request



Booster pump

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