How the principle works

An air-to-water heat pump takes its heat from the outdoor air which means that it does not need any collector circuit but still ensures great savings.This system transfers heat by direct vaporization when air passes through a heat exchanger. Even cold air contains sufficient heat to vaporize a refrigerant.

Efficient and Easy to install

There is no need for bore holes and ground collectors so installation is quick and simple and can be installed in any type of house.This also means that the air-to-water heat pump is a perfect and highly efficient solution for areas where it is not possible to drill for rock heat, or where the garden is too small to install a conventional heat pump collector system.

1. Fan/Evaporator takes heat from the air to boil the refrigerant at low temperature

2. The refrigerant is then compressed in the compressor, causing the temperature to rise

3. The heat is given off to the hot water and heating system in the condenser

4. Heating and hot water pump

5. The expansion valve controls the pressure in the refrigerant circuit

6. Cold refrigerant re-enters the evaporator.



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